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Shoot for the moon!

It’s 1 AM in the morning, clouds are pouring tons of liter of water. The breeze is fresh and you know it’s Hanoi. There is an awkward silence among the sounds of the rain. It makes you feel so calm and peaceful. The heavy rain in Hanoi sometimes can make trees fall, it can make a lot of noise due to the heavy drops impacting on every type of material, from concrete to tile.

Yet somehow I felt free, I felt ok to do nothing. Thinking about what other people might be doing, hurrying to get home before it rains heavier, hurrying to get home because other people might be waiting for them, or some other just dancing on heavy music somewhere else, and perhaps somewhere there are people staring at the monsoon raindrops just like me?

It’s been more than 2 years that I’ve been back to Hanoi. But I didn’t really live with the city, I separated myself, I isolated myself in order to not get distracted and be more focused on my startup. But life is perhaps just projections of meanings that you want it to be. So why burden myself? Life is life and it is perhaps just projections of meanings that you want to give to it.

Sometimes in life, you have an opportunity to gain something that you really long to but the odds of you getting it is extremely low.
You even try the first time but in vain. You sacrificed other opportunities just for this one. But in the end, no matter what you do you still can’t manage to seize that opportunity.

Now a question that everyone of us have already asked ourselves: should you try harder or should you focus in getting the next opportunity?
It is a really tough decision to make as you have to answer a question that is linked to the meaning of your life. Should you stop wasting your time pursuing something unreachable or should you try to reach it no matter what and by any slim chance you might have you will take the risk to get it?

In my case, in the beginning it was really tough to get the VCs (Venture Capitals) I wanted to have on our board. No matter how hard I try I didn’t have their attention. “Carpe Diem!“, you may say. I seized the day but the day rejected me. Maybe the night will like me better… right? One simple advice for other entrepreneurs, get over it and move on to the next opportunity. Life is too short to be obsessed by someone/something who is not interested in you. Sometimes you have to walk away from what you want to find what you deserve. I’m strange and I know it. I am different and I know it. And not only I know it, I also love it because that makes me unique. It’s much cooler to be unique anyway. And if people can’t see it, then they should not be accompanying you on your path. For the people who don’t know me well enough, when I like something you’ll know it. Go straight to the point with me and don’t play with me.

“To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.” – Charles Dickens

Whether they are investors or any other relationships in your life, don’t let people who don’t share the same vision as you destroy yours. Just as in life, something easy to get is not interesting. when it’s hard it’s like a challenge that you want to take. And sometimes, taking the challenge is more enchanting than the result itself. I myself think that it’s more satisfying to go after something fresh, new and adventurous rather than to choose a secure and easy path. Sometimes you just want to settle due to the simplicity it procures.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

But also don’t be stubborn, be open to what people can bring to the table, listen to their advice or their vision not their criticisms. Sometimes, something being too similar is a hard match. Complementarity is better than similarity. Complementary might create a better complicity. Thinking about past, present and future relationships, every relationship arrive at a critical moment, a juncture between moving forward and moving on. Choose your companions wisely.

Recently, I started to like taking photographs and there’s one thing that I realised: Who cares of what other think of you ; just smile naturally without worrying about what other people would think of you and you’ll have the most beautiful photo. People who truly appreciate you will like you for who you are, and they will love to see you blossom into greatness.

I myself intend to go to space or at least near space. I will be among the first customers of Virgin Galactic if they manage to launch their project for space traveling. Dream the impossible, be daring enough to imagine things. Only through imagination, mankind will realize itself.

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Crazy enough for you? Not for me anyway…

“Nothing is more tragic than meeting an individual at the end of his tethers, lost in the Labyrinth of Life.” – Martin Luther King

Because the moment I stop dreaming is the moment I die, the moment I’ll be a slave to the labyrinth of life. The Labyrinth that will predetermine the rest of your life for you. Don’t be that person, be someone else, the one who does not enter the labyrinth, the one who chose a different path, a path that he decided on his own. It does not matter if you travel on boat, by walking or by flying, the point is : you will feel the pleasure of making your own meanings. And if sometimes, the harsh reality of life might try to interfere, try harder and wait for a new opportunity, don’t be discouraged.

I don’t know if I’ll reach the moon someday but I will surely land among the stars.



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