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Almas libres y luz del amor

Vuelas para ver nuevos horizontes
Vuelas para llegar a nuevos cielos
Descansas cuando estás cansado de llevar sobre tus hombros
El mundo entero, su peso lo sientes

Te ayudaré a plantar un futuro mejor
Que reposas en mis rodillas
Entonces, traes de vuelta las semillas de la esperanza
Gloriosa como un conquistador

Abrazos del Sol


A Passion for Tranquility

Short story by THĂNG SẮC.

Translated by NGUYỄN QUANG DY.

Photography by NGUYỄN VŨ PHƯỚC.


Her husband was arrested and imprisoned by the French regime on the far away island of Poulo Condore. Both her son and daughter-in-law had died, leaving her with a small boy, now her only true grandson. It goes without saying that she faced untold hardships raising the boy on her own, giving up so much of herself that, over time, she became thinner and smaller and developed a hunchback.

Her grandson grew into a healthy boy who loved his grandma, working hard at school and at home. But, he also loved flying kites, something he did much better than anyone else in the village.

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Tale of a big hearted toad


Once upon a time, in the Maravi kingdom, a great affliction occurred. Intentionally cursed by the great evil witch, the kingdom, led by queen Lizsad, just coming to the throne after the death of her father king was infected by a plague that corrupts the souls of the livings. Society was collapsing and all values were starting to fade away.


Hunger’s ravaging land, the suffering plague

Poverty spreading fast, people wearing masks,

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Waltz of a half a trillion stars

In a mystery, we were thrown into this world, a mystic unknown that has always drawn us to find significance, perhaps significance for our own existence. Over our crib is a stream of stars, staying fixed throughout our survival in this harsh world, a sign of permanence and immortality, hovering over us when the light shades. Humanity is like a baby purposely abandoned on the doorsteps of a church without any note to explain our origin or who we are. Without all this, we figured something out by ourselves. Still many questions are still unanswered but we are learning to walk.

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Shoot for the moon!

It’s 1 AM in the morning, clouds are pouring tons of liter of water. The breeze is fresh and you know it’s Hanoi. There is an awkward silence among the sounds of the rain. It makes you feel so calm and peaceful. The heavy rain in Hanoi sometimes can make trees fall, it can make a lot of noise due to the heavy drops impacting on every type of material, from concrete to tile.

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Idiot! le jeune et confus,
Idéaliste mais ingénu.
Tiraillé par le regret
Entre le temps hélas perdu
Et les réponses qu’il promet.

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The pursuit of art.

In a world where I’m quite fluent in programming and speaking to computers with numbers and words like “if-then-else-each-for…”, I feel sometimes like a barbarian, not speaking the language of life but rather talking to machines. Also, on my previous blog, talking about startups and its problems all the time can be boring, so I decided to take a different angle by approaching another topic today: Art.

Art or the language of feelings.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my personal blog! I lost all of my previous posts due to the migration to this new blog but it’s fine as I can start to write new things here. It’s going to be about everything and nothing. Just something that inspires me or a subject I want to write on.

Contact me if you need help or if you want to talk about start-ups, tech, arts…

Cheers and Hello to the world!

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