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The pursuit of art.

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In a world where I’m quite fluent in programming and speaking to computers with numbers and words like “if-then-else-each-for…”, I feel sometimes like a barbarian, not speaking the language of life but rather talking to machines. Also, on my previous blog, talking about startups and its problems all the time can be boring, so I decided to take a different angle by approaching another topic today: Art. Art or the language of feelings. Talking about Art we should mention Nietzsche as he made some pretty awesome writings on the subject….read more

Hello world!

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Welcome to my personal blog! I lost all of my previous posts due to the migration to this new blog but it’s fine as I can start to write new things here. It’s going to be about everything and nothing. Just something that inspires me or a subject I want to write on. Contact me if you need help or if you want to talk about start-ups, tech, arts… Cheers and Hello to the world!