Nguyen Chien Cong

Shoot for the moon!

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It’s 1 AM in the morning, clouds are pouring tons of liter of water. The breeze is fresh and you know it’s Hanoi. There is an awkward silence among the sounds of the rain. It makes you feel so calm and peaceful. The heavy rain in Hanoi sometimes can make trees fall, it can make a lot of noise due to the heavy drops impacting on every type of material, from concrete to tile. Yet somehow I felt free, I felt ok to do nothing. Thinking about what other people might be…read more


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L’attente. Idiot! le jeune et confus, Idéaliste mais ingénu. Tiraillé par le regret Entre le temps hélas perdu Et les réponses qu’il promet. Amitiés et confidences, Désirs et amours denses, Ces moments, O, instants uniques, Qu’il tente d’exhumer le sens Des souvenirs tant magnifiques. Et un jour, il s’épuisera. Las des ambitions d’au delà. Tes épaules et tes genoux, Quand il se sentira très bas, Lui serviront d’appui si doux. Ces mots du coeur lorgnent tes yeux. Franchissent-ils les frontières des cieux? Jambes devenant engourdies Par la longue attente et…read more

The pursuit of art.

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In a world where I’m quite fluent in programming and speaking to computers with numbers and words like “if-then-else-each-for…”, I feel sometimes like a barbarian, not speaking the language of life but rather talking to machines. Also, on my previous blog, talking about startups and its problems all the time can be boring, so I decided to take a different angle by approaching another topic today: Art. Art or the language of feelings. Talking about Art we should mention Nietzsche as he made some pretty awesome writings on the subject….read more

Hello world!

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Welcome to my personal blog! I lost all of my previous posts due to the migration to this new blog but it’s fine as I can start to write new things here. It’s going to be about everything and nothing. Just something that inspires me or a subject I want to write on. Contact me if you need help or if you want to talk about start-ups, tech, arts… Cheers and Hello to the world!